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  • How do I reset my Axis product to the factory default settings?

    Instructions on how to restore the factory default settings can be found in your product's User Manual.
    You will find the user documentation on the Support page for your respective product:

    For Axis Fixed Network Cameras like AXIS M1054 check the video Factory default settings - Axis fixed network camera.
    In case you have an AXIS Q6032-E watch: How to reset a Axis Q6032-E PTZ Dome camera.

    Please note that you will lose all settings, including IP address and password.

  • Which products support Axis’ Corridor Format?

    The products having 90 degrees rotation possibility in the firmware and are also possible to mount at 90 degrees in relation to ceiling (camera part) are the ones that you can use Axis Corridor Format™.
    The following fixed cameras/domes are suitable to use in this scenario:
    Fixed network cameras:
    AXIS P1365-E (with optional bracket)
    AXIS 211 (3:4 only)
    AXIS 221 (3:4 only)

    Covert cameras:

    AXIS P33 Series

    AXIS P3301 (3:4 only)
    AXIS P3301-V (3:4 only)
    AXIS P3304
    AXIS P3304-V
    AXIS Q35 Series
    AXIS Q3505-V
    AXIS Q3505-VE
    AXIS Q16 Series
    AXIS Q17 Series

    This article applies to the following products: AXIS Q3505-V, AXIS Q3505-VE
  • How can I assign a static IP address when other methods described in Installation Guide and FAQs fail?

    The camera’s default IP-address ( can be used to configure it.

    Follow the instructions below:

    1. Reset your Axis camera or video encoder to the factory defaults as described in the Installation Guide.
    2. Set your PC’s IP address to a free address in the range to
      Do not use as this is the default address of your Axis unit.
    3. Using a crossover network cable, connect the camera to your PC’s network card and power it up. Make sure that only one network connection is established - between PC and your Axis unit.
      (A crossover network cable is not need if a switch is used between Axis product and your PC or your PC supports Auto-MDIX).
    4. Use your Internet browser and enter
    5. Configure your Axis unit using its web interface by adding the desired IP address, Default Router Address and Subnet Mask to the Network Setting. If you use an IP address outside the range 192.168.01 to the unit will not be accessible after confirming the settings.
    6. Disconnect the Axis unit.
    7. If required, reset the PC’s IP address to the original value and return the devices to the desired network.

    For information on how to set IP addresses on your PC, please refer to the documentation for your operating system.

    Related to: FAQ47357 How to set static IP address using AXIS IP Utility.

    Please check as well our video tutorial Three ways to assign an IP address.

  • How can I record images/video from the video products?

    Most of cameras* have built-in event handling that will upload images to a server based on scheduled or triggered events.

    You may also use an external recording application, such as the AXIS Camera Station (Axis Camera Station One supports recording for one camera/video encoder channel and is free of charge).
    Axis software will also allow you to view and manage a large number of cameras (export video as .asf file possible as well).

    If you need more advanced or specific recording tools, there is a wide range of third-party software solutions available for Windows and Linux platforms.

    * AXIS 206 does not have built-in applications like FTP upload. The AXIS 207's firmware contains some of built-in applications and only one Event at a time can run on these.

  • How do I include video from my Axis network camera on a web page?

    Here are several methods you can use:

    Method 1: The first and easiest way is to set up a direct connection to the camera on a web page. Each user will then get a direct connection to the camera, which means that the number of simultaneous users will be limited. Find a description of this approach in the technical note: Live video on a medium hit rate site.

    Method 2: The second, more advanced, method is based on having the camera push images to a web server. As the connection between client and camera is indirect and one way, the frame rate will be lower, PTZ control will not be possible and audio will not be available. Thus, as the web server will handle the Internet load, a larger number of simultaneous users is possible. See description in the technical note: Live video on a high hit rate site.

    Method 3: The third way is based on using AXIS Streaming Assistant with a third-party streaming application such as Microsoft Expression Encoder.


    • Not all Axis network camera models/firmware revisions can be used with the methods listed here.
    • Suggested solutions are offered "as is". Axis Customer Services does not provide support for software/script troubleshooting or development.
  • Where can I find the password for my Axis product?

    There is no possibility to find the password. If the password is lost, the Axis product needs to be reset by restoring the factory default settings and re-configured.

    Instructions on how to perform a factory default can be found in the Installation Guide/User's Manual for your product. You will find the user documentation on the Support page for your respective product:

  • How can I assign a static IP address to my network camera/video encoder?

    The recommended tool for assigning an IP address to one or a few cameras is the AXIS IP Utility.

    For larger installations, the AXIS Camera Management should be considered. This application is a powerful installation and management tool that can automatically find and set IP addresses, show connection status, configure and manage firmware upgrades of multiple devices.

    How to manually assign an IP address to a single camera using AXIS IP Utility:

    Note: The computer running AXIS IP Utility must be located on the same network segment (physical subnet) as the camera.

    1. Acquire an unused IP address on the same network segment as your computer.
    2. Check that the camera is connected to the network and that power has been applied.
    3. Power cycle the camera, i.e. turn the power off and turn it back on.
    4. Start AXIS IP Utility. When the camera appears in the window, right-click it and select "Assign new IP address" and enter the IP address.
    5. Click the "Assign" button and follow the instructions.

    AXIS IP Utility, AXIS Camera Management and other software tools can be found in the Software Tools section.

    Please check as well our video tutorial Three ways to assign an IP address.

    Other methods: Alternative Method using default IP address of Axis video product (FAQ27336) 

  • Why can't I access my network camera from the Internet? I can access the camera locally.

    Devices on a LAN are not automatically visible from the Internet.  A LAN is often connected to the Internet using a router and typically only the external IP address of that router can be seen from outside. In order to address devices on the LAN from the Internet, the router can be customized with rules that specify how the network camera on the LAN can be reached. This technique is called port forwarding.

    More information about port forwarding:

  • Which web browsers support Axis video products?

    For details about supported browsers, please check the information in the Axis Browser Support page.

  • I would like to hide the video stream in certain occasions - Disable/enable a Privacy mask

    You can hide the stream thanks to an event that disables/enables a privacy mask on a device by pushing a button connected to the input port or based on a schedule. This can be used for example to “disable” or “turn off” the video stream on request or hide the view.

    Requires firmware 5.40 or above and Privacy mask capability.


    Step 1: Login on the device and add a black Privacy mask under Setup > Video & Audio > Privacy Mask. The privacy mask should take 100% of the field of view.

     Privacy mask list

    Step 2: Create a new Action Rule under “Setup > Action Rules > Add…” with the following parameters:

    Name: Enable Mask
    Trigger: Input Signal: Digital Input Port: Input 1: Active : Yes
    Send HTTP notification to: My camera
    Type: Send Notification
    Recipient: New Recipient. 

    Step 3:

    A pop-up window will open. Create a new recipient with the following parameters:
    Type: HTTP
    The URL should be the ip address of the camera followed by /axis-cgi/param.cgi
    Enter Username and password of the camera and Save

    recipient setup PM


    Step 4:

    In Action Rule Setup select the recipient you have just created and add the following:
    Custom Parameters: Add…
    Name: action
    Value: update
    And another parameter:
    Name: Image.I0.Overlay.MaskWindows.M0.Enabled
    Value: yes
    Then Save.

      Custom param 

    HTTP raram

    The Action Rule should look like that:


     AR setup

    Step 5: Create a second Action Rule with the following differences:

    Name: Disable Mask
    Active: No
    Custom Parameters: Add…
    Name: Image.I0.Overlay.MaskWindows.M0.Enabled
    Value: no
    Then Save.
    Note: Do not forget to change the value to no in the Trigger and in the Custom Parameter. 


     AR setup 2

    Result: When input port of the camera is activated (button, switch, detector...), the image on the device will then become black. If you press again it will go back to normal. Instead of the Input Port you could also use a scheduled event to switch at a defined time of the day.

    This article applies to the following products: AXIS M1054, AXIS P1343, AXIS P1344, AXIS P1346, AXIS P1347, AXIS M3004, AXIS M3005, AXIS P5522, AXIS P5522-E, AXIS P5532, AXIS P5532-E, AXIS P5534, AXIS P5534-E, AXIS P5544, AXIS M1033-W, AXIS M1034-W, AXIS P1353, AXIS P1354, AXIS P1355, AXIS P1357, AXIS M3006-V, AXIS M3007-P, AXIS M3007-PV, AXIS M3014, AXIS M1004-W

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